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Integrated knowledge on functional genomics in sustainable aquaculture

Aquafunc Project

AQUAFUNC - summary

A number of projects, using molecular technologies and a functional genomics approach to improve sustainability of European aquaculture, have been funded within the EU 5th and 6th frame work program. An integration of the outcome of these projects would undoubtedly contribute to build a large common knowledge base in this area.
A synthesis of the different data sets can be expected to give a potentiated effect, creating a more significant output than the sum of the individual projects. Integration and communication of the different projects outcome would also reduce possible overlap both currently and in the future. Bringing together a large number of research groups/projects in a common forum should generate a critical mass and improve European and international visibility in this important area of production.

AQUAFUNC - objectives

The overall aim of the present project is, therefore, to integrate the outcome of projects funded in FP5 & 6 in order to generate a common scientific basis of a functional genomics approach to aquaculture.

In order to attain the overall aim of the project a number of instruments will be used to generate mechanisms that will facilitate the accessibility to results from the 5th and 6th FP, for both the scientific community and the public in order to allow better exploitation and divulgation of the resources generated.


Achievement of the objectives:

  • Formation of a taskforce to discuss results from complementary R&D projects funded in FP5 and FP6 using molecular methods and functional genomics to enhance sustainability of aquaculture. Identification of synergies and generation of a short report.

  • Publicly available journal issue of scientific topics relating to the advances made towards improving the sustainability of aquaculture using functional genomics.

  • A Webpage containing a public and a restricted domain. The public domain will list EU projects, a summary about each project, project members and links to each project Webpage. The restricted domain will be for technical discussion and information exchange.


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