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Integrated knowledge on functional genomics in sustainable aquaculture

Aquagenome: "Genomic in Fish and Shellfish : From Research to Aquaculture"

In recent years, a relatively large number of projects investigating the biology of aquaculture species through genomic approaches have been funded both at European levels and national levels. These have generated an extensive core of genomic tools and expertise that is spread among European research laboratories. However, this scientific resource is not coordinated within research and transfer to the European aquaculture industry is still in its infancy.

The objectives of AQUAGENOME are:

(i) to coordinate the ongoing and future national and international research projects in the field of genomics in fish and shellfish European aquaculture and support diffusion of genomic approaches within research laboratories

(ii) to enhance the transfer of information and knowledge towards the aquaculture industry.

In order to reach these objectives, the aims of this project will be:

  • To inventory existing genomic resources and identify and evaluate new bioinformatic resources, genomic information and tools that are vital for the development of European aquaculture.
  • To identify specific research domains in which genomic approaches should be developed in order to support the European aquaculture industry.
  • To support exchanges of scientists and genomic resources between members of the AQUAGENOME Associated Partner Network created.
  • To determine the required actions to apply genomic tools and knowledge in an effective and sustainable manner in aquaculture, by interacting with producers and stakeholders.

These achievements will require the use of a number of instruments, e.g. development of a network of partners to gather experts in specific domains, organisation of workshops where aquaculture industry will meet research and construct a roadmap for genomic transfer to industry, creation of a website to share information and provide links, development of a database and software to broaden access to genomic resources and the distribution of grants to support exchanges.

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