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Integrated knowledge on functional genomics in sustainable aquaculture


Issue Nber




  • Coordinator's Introduction
  • Report from Applied Training Workshop - Towards Applications of Genomics in Northern European Aquaculture
  • Microarray workshop for experts
  • Genomics for Beginner's Course

newsletter issue 6


  • Coordinator's Introduction
  • Report on the Aquagenome Roadmapping Workshop
  • New call open for Mobility Grants and Research Exchange Grants
  • Sign Up to Receive Aquagenome News
  • Registrations open for Applied Training Workshop
  • Genomics for Beginner's Course
  • Presentation form the Paris Applied Training Workshop Available Online
  • Results from Bergen Mini-Symposium

newsletter issue 5


  • coordinator introduction
  • Report on awarded mobility grant
  • New call open for mobility and resource grants
  • Report on Applied training workshop
  • Inventory of available genomic resources
  • Results from mini-symposium Bergen
  • Aquagenome website

newsletter issue 4


  • 2nd call for Mobility grants and Resource exchange grants
  • sign up details to receive Aquagenome announcements
  • Announcing a new applied Training Workshop
  • Report on Mini Symposium, Bergen

newsletter issue 3


  • Points of interest
  • Call open for mobility grants
  • Sign up details
  • Work Package 1 Update
  • Mini-Symposium further details

newsletter issue 2


  • Introduction to Aquagenome
  • Distribution Sign up
  • Mini-Symposium Announcement
  • Link between Aquafun cand Aquagenome
  • Mobility Grants and Research Exchange Grants

newsletter issue 1