AquaFunc Public
Integrated knowledge on functional genomics in sustainable aquaculture

First day presentations

Introduction and scope of conference

(Patrick Prunet, INRA, France)

Aquafunc review (FP6 Specific Support Action)

(Kristina Sundell, Univ Gøteborg, Sweden)

Genomics tools for aquaculture: Status and Perspectives

(Luca Bargelloni, Univ Padova, Italy)

Genomics of host-pathogen interactions

(Simon Mackenzie, Univ Barcelona, Spain)

Genomics of breeding in aquaculture

(Sigbjørn Lien, Cigene/UMB, Norway)

Environmental adaptations, stress and genomics

(Lluis Tort, Univ Barcelona, Spain)

Functional genomics and proteomic approaches in the study of reproduction in finfish aquaculture

(Jean Jacques Lareyre, INRA, France)

Genomics of growth and nutrition

(Michael J. Leaver, Univ Striling, UK)

Ecotoxicology, Toxicogenomics, and impact on product quality safety

(Pål Olsvik, NIFES, Norway)

Genomics in mollusc Aquaculture

(Beatriz Novoa, CSIC, Spain)

Genomics in monitoring environmental impact

(Eva Garcia-Vazquez, Univ Oviedo, Spain)

The use of Bioinformatics in Aquaculture

(Aleksei Krasnov, Akvaforsk, Norway)

2nd day working groups:

Genomics of host-pathogen interaction (Moderators Antonio Figueras and Giorgios Kotoulas)
Genomics to study ecotoxicological, environmental and husbandry effects on stress, welfare and product safety & and environmental impact (Moderators Patrick Prunet and Kristina Sundell)
Genomics in reproduction and breeding programmes (Moderators Pierrick Haffray, and Geir Lasse Taranger)
Genomics of growth and nutrition (Moderators Deborah Power and Brendan McAndrew)
Genomic tools and bioinformatic resources (Moderators Yann Guigen, Nikolai Mugue and Frank Nilsen)