AquaFunc Public
Integrated knowledge on functional genomics in sustainable aquaculture
Presentation of Aquagenome acitvities (Patrick Prunet, INRA, France)
Introduction of the Workshop (Pierrick Haffray, SYSAAF, France)
Biological basis and genomic tools in aquaculture
Biological basis and Genomics tools (Olivier Demeure, INRA, France)
Genome mapping and sequencing
First genetic maps in Pacific and flat oysters (Sylvie Lapègue, IFREMER, France)
Recent developments in sea bass and seabream mapping (Helena Sarropoulou, HCMR, Greece)
Genetic and physical maps in rainbow trout. State of the art and perspective (Carine Genet, INRA, France)
Gene expression, state of the art of the development and first applications in fish and shellfish aquaculture
Micro-arrays, macro-arrays, membranes, high-throughput genotyping (Yann Guiguen, INRA, France)
Identification of egg quality indicators in rainbow trout (Julien Bobe, INRA, France)
Improvement of feed formulation and analysis of genetic metabolic pathways (Françoise Médale, INRA, France)
Differential gene expression between resistant and susceptible lines to "summer mortality" in Pacific oyster (Arnaud Huvet, IFREMER, France)
Function genomic approaches to assess stress response to improve fish farming conditions (Patrick Prunet, INRA, France)
Use of Genomics in selective breeding
Selective breeding of aquaculture species (Pierrick Haffray, SYSAAF, France)
Application of genetic fingerprinting and SNP selection for parentage assigment (Marc Vandeputte, INRA, France)
Identification of QTLs: theory, example and state of the art in fish and shellfish (Edwige Quillet, INRA, France)
Identification of QTLs of Bonamia resistance in the flat oyster and resistance to "summer mortality" in Pacific oyster (Pierre Boudry, IFREMER, France)
Marker Assisted Selection: principles and example of application in the French diary cattle breeding program (François Guillaume, INRA, France)
Genomic selection: theory, potential application, perspectives, limits, cost and constrains (Anna Sonesson, AKVAFORSK, Norway)
Applied visits
SIGENAE (Christophe Klopp, INRA, France)
AGENAE GADIE (Karine Hugot, INRA, France)
LABOGENA (Maryvone Boscher, LABOGENA, France)